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Teachers' Guide

First Module - The History of the Baltic Sea

For the first e-learning module we developed special material for school lesson. They should help teachers to work with the module in class. All downloads are available in Swedish.

The guide shows oppurtnities to work with the modules in lesson.


The table on labs informs about the labs the pupils can vistit and what they are about.

Table on labs

Besides there is a summary of the guide which gives a good overview about the timing.


There is also a work sheet for the students.


Third Module - Water Exchange Processes

We are also happy to provide material for teachers who want to use the third module in class.

Teachers Guide for 3rd Module

Hands-on Offer: Pressure and Salinity

The CTD-probe is the basic tool for oceanograpfers. The aim of this workshop is to show how salinity and pressure are measured in water. It contains two illustrative experiments and very easy explanations. It is upon the teacher to raise the level of this booklet, which was made by young volunteers during their service at the IOW. There is also a version of the experiments developed for MariSchool.

Teacher manual "The CTD"

Also have a look on the workshop guidelines of our hands-on offers!