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Summer Science Camp 2010 - Blog

2109/2010 (comments: 0)

Thank you very much

There were so many people who helped us. This is the time and place to thank them all....................

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2009/2010 (comments: 4)

Day Ten - The Good Byes

We got up at 7 am, the first time after 9 days on the boat without rocking. We ate breakfast and hurried up to go to the IOW for our presentation. The mood was split between anxiousness and sadness because everyone knew that that was going to be our last group activity.

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1909/2010 (comments: 0)

Day Nine - We left the LOVIS but still had work to do

Today was our last day on Lovis. Everyone was a bit sad to leave Lovis which we all have grown quite attached to. We left for Warnemünde, where we visited a seal station and continued to work on our presentation for tomorrow´s workshop.

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