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Hands-on Offers

In order to complement our online-offers, we provide some guidelines for activities which can be done offline. They were already successfully applied during the workshops in our summer science camps.
These offers can be used
-    by students trying out the experiments at home,
-    by teachers using them for their lessons,
-    by marine scientists working with students e.g. in a student lab or in science camps.
Dear teachers, if you are looking for offers realted to marine science in your area, do not hesitate to contact an institute for marine science that is close to you. In case they do not have any offers for students yet, you can show them these workshops as an example. Also have a look at the Scientix Resource Portal to find more offers.

Please notice that every workshop you can find here is licensed under the Creative Commons.

Hands-on - To find out the sedimentation rate

Workshop on salinity and pressure measurement
The CTD - Conductivity, Temperature, Depth

This is a MariSchool Experiment especially developed for school equipment. 



Workshops on Baltic Sea hydrography
Salt water inflow




Workshops on water colour and transparency
Building a Secchi disk
Optical detection of eutrophication




Workshops on living conditions within the Baltic Sea
Regulation of salt content in marine organisms




Workshop on taking samples
Shipborn sampling




Workshop on sedimentation rate
The 210Pb method

For this workshop, you need special laboratory equipment. For more information, please read the workshop guide.