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Day Three - What are hypotonic and Hydroponics?

04.09.13, 22:47 by Frauke Gehrau (comments: 0)

Experimenting with potatoes

This morning there are two lectures: one about jelly fish and plankton and another one about the genetical adaption of blue mussels in the Baltic Sea.
Surprisingly in the mussel workshop the participants do not work with mussels but potatoes to experiment what hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic means. They also try to build a model which floats in water like plankton. That proves to be trickier than they thought, but it is good fun as well.
Today all participants can try out the South Baltic WebLab modules. The questionnaires they fill out will be used to improve the offer.
In the workshop about Hydroponics the students build their own closed system to grow fish and salad with the help of bacteria. They plan it on paper only but they can watch a real miniature complex build by the University of Rostock, where peppermint and basil is grown.
After dinner many students play volleyball and soccer in the gym. Then a dance programme starts. To train dancing with so many people proves to be very difficult but it is fun and a good practice for next day’s party.
Before night time every country has prepared an activity for the whole group: So we play the Finish game floorball, put a spoon net to the ground with every member of each small team just touching it with one finger, pantomime terms so that scientists and coordinators compete in guessing what we mean and much more.

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