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From Warnemünde to the USA - Blog

2502/2011 (comments: 0)

What kind of profession did I consider when I started university?

I did not have a clear picture about my work as scientist during my first four semesters of basic biology studies at the University of Rostock...

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2402/2011 (comments: 0)

Has it always been my dream to become a marine biologist?

Everything started with my first summer vacation at the North Sea, where strange, transparent, round flabby-huddels on the beach caught my eyes at the age of eight.

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2302/2011 (comments: 1)

How important is it to travel for my work as a marine biologist?

In summary, I would say travelling is essential for my work, but why? As a marine biologist you need, in most cases, research cruises to get your samples and often your work is part of an international project so that your study area probably is located elsewhere in the global ocean.

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