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How to combine being a scientist with enjoying a private life…

01.03.11, 07:54 (comments: 0)

Being a scientist means quite often having a long working day, lab-weekends, research cruises, science conferences and many weeks on board of research vessels or at partner institutes. But how can this be arranged with a family life?

The time after my PhD and before my first Post-Doc was the most difficult time during my scientific career (so far) because I had lost faith in my work. I could not see how I ever would be able to find a work-life balance as a marine biologist with all these time-consuming activities. But today I know that the trick partly is that you have to find a partner, who has an understanding for your time-consuming work. Fortunately, I found someone and he´s not a scientist.

For my private life it was essential not to move away from Rostock after my PhD. That meant for me to work apart from science for more than a year. But instead of being happy to have a less time consuming job outside science I got awfully bored and unhappy. I finally realized that I´m a scientist who has to proceed with science. Answers in science often lead to new questions and this was also the case after my PhD. So I elaborated one of these questions that was disclosed from my PhD and handed in a project proposal at the IOW. Fortunately there was an internal call for a Post-Doc project because a scientific position was vacant due to the short-noticed movement of a senior scientist abroad.

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