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Has it always been my dream to become a marine biologist?

24.02.11, 08:05 (comments: 0)

Hi, I'm Natalie Loick-Wilde and I'm a marine biologist. Everything started with my first summer vacation at the North Sea, where strange, transparent, round flabby-huddels on the beach caught my eyes at the age of eight. After first, suspicious inspection my brother and I soon found out the fun of throwing jellyfish at each other. Later on big crabs with strong scissors and fascinating hermit crabs, quickly hiding in their shell houses when getting close to them, laid the early foundation for my idea about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

What raised my interest in natural sciences?

Advance placement biology at the Burlington High School in Vermont in 1992/ 1993 included everything that was missing in biology classes at home. We dissected reals sharks and untwisted dog-DNA strands which we isolated from pestled Saint-Bernard testicles on glass-rods. It was so groce and fascinating that even the principal of the school showed up during lab-time. The impression of enthusiastic Mrs. Allard, my AP bio teacher (who by the way happened to be a marine biologist before becoming a teacher) was so formative that back in Germany two years of boring Biologie-Leistungskurs dealing with even more boring Drosophila melanogaster did not manage to wipe out my decision to study biology after my Abitur in 1995.

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